Infuse Some Cash | Boost Your Bottom Line!

Multiple streams of revenue need careful planning and precision let me manage those projects for you!

entrepreneur’s favorite projects to run are…

Product Launch Management

The combination of the right planning, the right buzz making, and the right delivery makes all the difference in how successful your product launch is.

Joint Venture & Affiliate Programs

Nothing better than creatively creating your own sales team.  When done well you will be sought after and people will jump at the chance to promote you!

Virtual & Live Events

Not only great for creating additional cash flow, but a superb way to build your tribe, increase your influence, and continue to show you are the perfect fit

…and here’s how we rock them!

Effective Planning

I create the plan, project schedule, prepare the budget, facilitate planning meetings, and identify the resources needed to get your project kicked off strong and running seamlessly.

Seamless Execution

I oversee every single step of the project and the people involved making sure deadlines are met, we stay on budget, address potential issues quickly, and make any necessary course corrections so you don’t have to ever worry.

Wrap Up & Celebrate

There is always room for improvement!   The review will make sure all of what you loved or want changed for next time is documented and put into effect next time.  And then CELEBRATE!  You and your team just accomplished something amazing!

some other popular projects that we manage:

  • setting up and managing your membership programs
  • creating the strategy and planning “special push” marketing projects
  • setting up everything related to your email marketing campaigns


Project Planning

  • Starting at $497

  • Great for those who just need the plan.  You can then take the project plan and run and manage the project yourself.
  • If you decide you would like us to implement and manage it for you, then this cost will be rolled into the overall project costs.

Project Implementation & Management

  • Starting at $1497

  • Projects come in all shapes and sizes.  Until we have a conversation and layout the plan about the specifics we dare not try to give you specific information.
  • Let’s have a no obligation conversation, get a little specific, and we can give you a better idea.  Schedule with me here >>